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Fri. and Sat. 12-5 pm

Fri. Openings 5-8 pm

Akron Artwalks 12-9 pm

(First Sat. of each month)

* Gallery hours valid during exhibitions only.

The BOX Gallery
140 East Market Street
(3rd Floor of Summit Artspace) 
Akron, Ohio 44308

The BOX Gallery - an Artists of Rubber City Gallery opened in October, 2009, at Summit Artspace. Featuring two exhibition spaces, the big box and the small box, the BOX schedule runs concurrently with Summit Artspace's calendar.

Interested in showing your artwork at the BOX Gallery?  

Click on pdf below, print the application and follow instructions.  Return to Artists of Rubber City when complete along with all the application requirements via US Post or email.  

Due June 30, 2018 for the 2019 schedule.

Click here to download application: BOXGalleryApplication.pdf

October 20 - November 18

Opening Reception - Fri. October 20, 5-8 pm

Melissa Markwald - "Rosie"

Katie Butler - "Annotations"

The BOX Gallery in downtown Akron is featuring two solo exhibitions from October 20 through November 18, 2017: Rosie, which will showcase work by Melissa Markwald and Annotations by Katie Butler. Come see the shows and meet the artists at the opening reception on Fri., October 20th from 5-8 pm at the BOX Gallery.

Melissa Markwald is a graduate from the University of Akron, Myers School of Art, with a B.F.A emphasis in Painting and Drawing which she received in 2016. After receiving the Academy Merit Scholarship she partook in the month long Summer Undergraduate Residency Program at the New York Academy of Art this summer. She has also been the recipient of a Dashiell Tools and Materials Grant and Folk Charitable Foundation Venice Biennale International Travel and Study of Art Scholarship, both through the University of Akron.

In her newest body of work, Rosie, Markwald takes ordinary people and lets their voices shape the meaning of famous icon Rosie the Riveter. Rosie the Riveter is a symbol of strength, power, courage, and feminism. But Rosie was more than an icon, she was the actual everyday working women of an entire generation. Her paintings deal with different expectations of power. They raise questions about who we are now: How is our culture changing? What will trigger the need for our generation to gather its strength? And when the need to be strong arises, whose turn will it be? In her own words, Melissa states, "For me the purpose of painting is to bear witness".

Katie Butler is also a recent graduate of the Myers School of Art at The University of Akron, obtaining a BFA in Painting and Drawing. Currently living and creating in Akron, her work has been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the region. Recent installations include seven large scale paintings in the O’Neil building storefront as part of the Curated Storefront initiative, and a variety of work in the City of Akron’s Mayor’s Office.

Katie’s paintings stem from the compulsive need to index her own actions and experiences. Using drawing as a method of note-taking, making quick blind contours to mark moments in time. She creates paintings based off these drawings, while continually making more blind contours of the work as it progresses. In doing this, she intentionally distances herself from the subject and is obsessively trying to bring it back into fruition. The goal is to continue this contradictive cycle until the subject transforms into something entirely new. It is a systematic way of giving up control, allowing for spontaneity while maintaining a sense of order, allowing for change while maintaining a sense of stability. The process is individual and private, but the desire for order and control in a world of flux is universal.

The BOX Gallery will also be open on Saturday, November 4th for the Akron Artwalk and November 16th for 3rd Thursday from 5 - 9 pm in addition to its regular hours. Admission is FREE and open to the public.

 BOX Gallery Schedule 2017

July 14 - August 19

Opening Reception: Fri. July 14, 5-8 pm

Delivering Stories:

work by Karen Koch and Amber McElreath

Dolls as Metaphor

photography by Ralph Hunt

(small box)

August 25 & 26

Artists of Rubber City Fundraiser

September 15 - October 7


October 20 - November 18

Opening Reception - Fri. October 20, 5-8 pm

Melissa Markwald - "Rosie"

Katie Butler (small box)

December 1 - January 6

Opening Reception: Fri. December 1, 5-8 pm

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